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Gill and Stu are getting married!

The Celebration

All festivities and celebrations for the weekend will be held on the grounds of Lord Somers Camp. The order of events follows as does details for accommodation, parking, nourishment and child care. Given that there are many of our friends and families children that play a large role in our lives, we would love them to share in the festivities of the weekend except for actually attending the reception.

Lord Somers Camp is part of a broader not for profit organization Lord Somers Camp and Power House and was originally founded by Lord Somers in 1929 and today is managed by a Board of Directors with a vision to be a premier youth leadership and development organization. We decided to celebrate our marriage here in part due to the community and philosophy that drives the continuation of events at this facility. You can find out more about the camp at

Location and arrival (A location map can be found @ Googlemaps  Here)

If entering Somers from Lord Somers Rd the Lord Somers Camp is at the very end. Entry is from Parklands Ave, on the right hand side immediately beyond a left hand turn in the road. There is some car parking space at this entry, alternatively there will be signage directing you to further parking space on the grounds.


Order of Events

Friday 13th March 2009

Venue opens for arrival any time after 3.30pm

There are kitchen (very big commercial) and dining facilities available if you would like to bring food to share for the Friday night and Saturday morning.

Saturday 14th  March 2009


Formal proceedings of the ‘gillie and stu cup’ commence at 1000hrs with a pre event briefing. Racing will be in teams of 4, and they will be mixed to ensure all abilities are represented evenly! This event will take on an adventure race format and will involve navigation, cunning and team work.


Lunch served at the outdoor auditorium.


Guests free time - welcome to have nana nap, start dressing up etc etc


All Guests invited to make their way to the Bush Chapel – there will be signage of some sort to guide the way!


Ceremony commences


Adult Guests to make their way to the circular lawn outside the mess hut for pre dinner drinks.


Guests invited to enter the mess hut for dinner. Seating allocation will be provided.

Children can be taken to child accommodation lockdown/detention hut for evening…(it will be fun I promise).

Wind up? Whenever we finish!!

Sunday 15th March 2009


Recovery brunch available from Mess Hut. Everybody welcome!


The camp can accommodate up to 190 people (not including camping). Whilst we can’t force you to stay on site, we highly encourage it and hope that you will share in the fun for the entire weekend.  The majority of accommodation is in four 20 bed bunk rooms. Each of these have an amenities block opposite. There is also a block of accommodation that has around 15, double bunk rooms – we anticipate this will be the best location for families – and there are shared amenities within the building. There is also ample space and decent grass for camping.

You are very welcome to come to the camp from 3pm on Friday 13th March. The sooner the party starts the better! We will pre allocate some of the accommodation for families with very young children, but other than that it will be first in best dressed!

When you RSVP, we ask that you let us know how many people will require accommodation for the weekend and for catering purposes – which day you will arrive. As we will be charged for guests staying on site, the price for accommodation will be $53 per head for the weekend (1 or 2 nights) if staying in Huts and $27 per head for camping. Mattresses are provided, but you will need to bring your own linen, pillows, blankets and towels. Payment can be via cheque made out to Successful Outcomes or direct deposit to BSB 033259 Account No. 142332 with your name as a reference.

In addition to the reception, we will provide lunch on the Saturday, and brunch on the Sunday. There are kitchen and dining facilities available if you would like to bring food to share for the Friday night and Saturday morning.


Lounge suit or Party dress.

Child care

We have arranged for several experienced adults to assist us to look after your children for the evening in a separate area of the camp. We ask that you help us coordinate arrangements for those children over the age of around 12 who may get a bit bored by DVDS?!

You are also welcome to bring someone with you who could assist with looking after your kids. Please discuss this with us when you RSVP.

Gift Registry

We have set up a registry that you can find at

The password is the wedding date: 14032009


If able to attend we ask that you provide the following information:

Will you require accommodation on site and would you prefer huts or camping?

Whether you will arrive on Friday or Saturday? (for catering purposes)

How many beds?

Special dietary requirements?


Any more questions?

Stu 0417 586 759

Gill 0423 152 671

Home 9531 8137

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